Last weekend I was so excited to meet a beautiful family for a fall photo session. We met up and drove out to two different locations here in Fredericksburg. The area is filled with battlefields and an especially large concentration in our Chancellorsville area. Between the fall color and fallen leaves and natural outdoor elements… both locations were breathtaking. I am definitely adding them to my list! This family was the sweetest, most cooperative bunch! No wonder I was able to capture some fantastic images of them. They made it easy! Three generations…

Check them out!



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A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of speaking with a super sweet bride-to-be, Brooke. She was planning her wedding at Lake Anna complete with a fishing theme. This was near and dear to me because I not only love the water but my husband absolutely loves fishing! Brooke was planning on wearing a dress that had been passed down from her grandmother to her mother and now to her.  The dress was absolutely stunning, ivory lace and buttoned up the front… just beautiful! Brooke had photos of her mother and grandmother wearing the dress and wanted pictures of herself in the gown to display at her wedding. We got together one evening before sunset and took some of the most magical sunset photos overlooking the lake. We also included her fur baby in quite a few photos. What a lovebug!  I am so happy to finally share these photos and blog post as we kept it private until after her wedding. Brooke is truly one of the sweetest most genuine people I’ve met in a long time and I’m so glad she picked me to take her bridals and to capture her wedding day!


Check out the full gallery here!

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Hannah and Jen, two High School Seniors, joined me for a Senior Portrait session at a local lakeside community. We took advantage of several locations a little before sunset to make sure we captured the shimmering light over the lake. These two girls were amazingly photogenic, super sweet and creative! We took tons of photos and ended with some gorgeous pictures to commemorate their last year in high school. I am so glad I had the opportunity to hang out with these two friends and capture their fun personalities and beautiful spirits! Best wishes to the two of them on a fantastic school year and to their future!

Check out the full gallery here.

XX – Stacey

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Last Sunday I had the pleasure of meeting up with some good friends downtown for a portrait session. My husband and I met Amy and Tim at downtown Fredericksburg coffee shop, Hyperion  and spent the day with them exploring old buildings and architecture, doorways, and parks. I was able to capture the essence of love that these two photogenic lovebirds have for each other.  They are so much fun and one of the cutest couples I know! I might be a little biased because Amy is one of my very best friends. We have known each other for the better half of our lives and she is truly a blessing to know and to call a sisterly friend. I love her and I just love this couple!


Some of you that know me… know that I absolutely love animals and I especially love dogs. This summer Cocoa the French Bulldog became the newest member of our family. She is my daughter’s best friend and ‘sissy’ she says. If you’ve ever encountered a French Bulldog, you know that they rightfully deserve the nickname given to them as ‘Clown Dogs’. They truly are little clowns! In any given day we have multiple instances of hilarious bCocoa posing pretty for a portrait shotehavior from our frenchie. From watching TV to frogging the list could be a mile long. We can’t help but take pictures of her not only being funny but posing so perfectly. Exhibit A is to the right of this post.

So, if you’re a dog lover or have a special animal child in your life, consider capturing their personality with a Pet Portrait. On location or at your favorite park, I can come to you! Pet portraits look great printed on canvas and can be mounted to any interior wall.

Cheers and puppy love!


Cocoa posing pretty for a portrait shot