This year we ventured to Maine for Spring Break. Being my first time to New England, I was absolutely enchanted by the architecture, small fishing villages, lighthouses, and natural beauty. We visited numerous lighthouses, National Parks, ate lobster, visited with family, visited villages, took a drive over to Canada, and even took a plane ride over Bar Harbor and Acadia National Park. I decided to give my new camera (yes, new CAMERA!!!) a spin and capture our trip.  I don’t know if it was the camera, the beauty of Maine, or both but I am thrilled with the beauty captured! I cannot wait for our next jaunt back! Here are some of the amazing places we visited during our adventure north.

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This fall I had the pleasure of photographing an absolutely gorgeous lakeside wedding. No detail was spared as I was in awe of the time and love that went into preparing every part of this wedding. I could see family and friends of the bride and groom felt the same way as they entered the wedding site. You were greeted everywhere you meandered by tables with special things for the guests, seating areas, refreshments and treats, things for the kids, and even something special for your fury friends! What an amazing time had by everyone and what a beautiful couple.

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The latest photo session was of my dear and best friend Amy and her daughter Kaylee. Amy and Kaylee look so much alike, she calls her daughter her ‘mini’. My daughter’s nickname is mini too for the same reason. We both were blessed with kiddos that could be our clones!

I did a Christmas photo session of the two of them and they just melted my heart. These two made capturing great images so easy because they had the most angelic smiles. We all had so much fun! I love the simple props of a Santa hat and candy cane… and even Kaylee decorating the ‘Christmas tree’. (pine tree we found at our location) These are great images that will hopefully decorate walls and will be cherished for years to come. Love them! Check out these images…2014-12-28_0004P I N this to pinterest2014-12-28_0001P I N this to pinterest2014-12-28_0002P I N this to pinterest2014-12-28_0003P I N this to pinterest2014-12-28_0005P I N this to pinterest2014-12-28_0006P I N this to pinterest2014-12-28_0007P I N this to pinterest2014-12-28_0008P I N this to pinterest2014-12-28_0009P I N this to pinterest2014-12-28_0010P I N this to pinterest2014-12-28_0011P I N this to pinterest


Family photos are so much fun, especially when the family you are capturing is part of your own. I was so excited to have a family  photo session with my sister and her little family. We visited a local battlefield with beautiful light and surrounded by pine trees and hay. I do have to say, my niece is just precious and I think she had as much fun as I did. It was such a cool feeling to see these images on their Christmas cards this year! Love them! Check them out!2014-12-02_0004P I N this to pinterest2014-12-02_0001P I N this to pinterest2014-12-02_0002P I N this to pinterest2014-12-02_0003P I N this to pinterest2014-12-02_00052014-12-02_00062014-12-02_0007P I N this to pinterest2014-12-02_00082014-12-02_00092014-12-02_0010P I N this to pinterest


A few weeks ago I was lucky to stumble upon THE BEST cookie and cupcake shop in Fredericksburg. They had only been open for a few days during their ‘Soft Opening’. I took the hubby and kiddo in to get dessert after my daughter’s cheer banquet at Cici’s Pizza. My daughter chose a big scoop of Hershey Ice Cream… my favorite ice cream in the world, and the hubby got a cookie which got devoured within minutes. I spoke with the owner of the shop, Sarah, who was so friendly and down-to-earth. She explained her products, the baked goods, made-t0-order cookies and spoke with enthusiasm. She really made me want to come back, like I had known her forever! I told her I would be by in the near future to drop off some business cards and she welcomed it.

Once I made it back to Crumb & Get It to speak with Sarah and drop off cards I told her I would love to photograph her products, gorgeous cupcakes in tons of flavors and cookies galore! I stopped by one Saturday to take some product photos and the shop consistently had a stream of customers. I was so happy to see this! Many people had been in just days before and were back again. People were walking out raving about their sweet treats. After taking some photos of these gorgeous treats, Sarah asked me to come back to their Grand Opening and Ribbon Cutting ceremony. I was honored and thrilled!

The pictures featured are from the product photo shoot as well as the Grand Opening of Crumb & Get It. The Grand Opening was a complete success with a large turnout. Cheers and best wishes to the success of a great new dessert hot spot in the Fredericksburg area and to the lovely family who own it, Sarah and Mike Sweeney.

There’s an awesome article about Crumb & Get It on! Check it out!

If you want a delicious cookie, cupcake, ice cream or custom cookie cake, try Crumb & Get It, you won’t regret it!

Located in Central Park between Cici’s Pizza and America’s Best Contacts and Eyeglasses, at 1873 Carl D. Silver Parkway.

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